Valentines Day Language of Flowers

Posted on 02/12/2014

Looking for a more creative way to express your love to your Valentine this year?

How about using the language of flowers to tell them how you feel?

We're not talking about the typical bouquet of cut flowers here.


Send them 'Loving Thoughts' that will last all season long with some potted Pansies.

Pansy is an English way of saying the French word "pensee´" which means thought. People used to send these flowers for their nearest and dearst to remember them by.  It was believed that by carrying the flower about with you, you would ensure the love of your sweetheart.

Language of Flowers Pansy


You can also show your Valentine your gallantry and Pure Love by planting them some Dianthus..

Language of Flowers Dianthus


Pledge your Loyalty, Devotion, Faithfulness and affection with some Violas.   In the Middle Ages these beauties were the symbol of faithfulness in love.

Language of flowers Viola


Want to assure them of your 'Everlasting Love'?  Plant some Achillea in the garden for your Valentine and they're sure to remember your love for them year after year!

Be sure to include a Valentines Card and let your loved one know the symbolism of the plant you have gifted them with.  You'll be sure to impress them with your knowledge in the language of flowers!

Language of Flowers Achillea


Maybe you or your Valentine enjoy cooking?  Bring them some fresh Rosemary for their Herb Garden. Rosemary has long been included in wedding bouquets as a symbol for fidelity. It's said that if you touch a lover with a sprig of rosemary, they'll be faithful.

Language of Flowers Rosemary


Lavender is another great herb to give your Valentine.  Lavender is thought to promote passion, romance, harmony, friendship, and cooperation with a lover.

Language of Flowers Lavender


Basil will woo the family oriented Valentine as it is thought to be a magic herb for money and success, a happy family, and a peaceful home.

Language of flowers basil


Coriander seeds come from Cilantro. Coriander seeds were used to draw love to a person, stimulate passion, and to keep a lover faithful.

Language of flowers Cilantro

You could even bring your Valentine the gift of an entire herb garden with the name and meaning of each plant placed on it!