The Pansy comparison

Posted on 03/23/2012



With Denver's daytime temps in the 60's and evening temps in the 40's for the next week now is the time to get your beds prepped and plant your Power Flowers™ Pansies.

Our Pansies have been greenhouse grown under cool nights. Please take notice to the overall color of the plant, the bloom count and size, and the toned/sturdy plant structure. These will pop in your garden and give you instant success.


Power Flowers Pansies

Power Flowers Pansies  Denver Colorado


Box Store Pansies

These are the other guy! Notice how long and straggly they are, the malnourished appearance, the lack of viable blooms and the bloom size. These are in a jumbo six pack which is comparable in size to the jumbo four pack of the Power Flowers.

Their Pansys Denver Colorado