Creative Container Gardens III

Posted on 03/07/2014

Think outside the Box

If your looking to plant more than just your flower beds this season we’ve got some creative ideas for you to add additional color to your patio and yard!

When planting your traditional Garden Containers, try putting a new spin on them.  How about tipping the planter on it's side and planting it so that it looks like the plants are spilling out of it into your garden bed? Or place a piece of rebar in the ground and stack different size/color containers going up.  In today's garden, anything goes so why not try planting vertically as well?


Tilted Whisky Barrell

Tilted container Garden


Vertical Herb planter

Living Wall of Herbs

Living Wall of Pansies

Living Wall


Living Wall with Succulents

Living Wall of succulents


Vertical planter

Vertical Container Garden

Tower of Containers

Stacked container Gardens