Container Gardening Ideas & Tips

Posted on 03/18/2013

Looking for some new inspiration for your Container Gardens? Discover some of our favorite Container Gardening Ideas and photos that we've put together just for you!

Don't forget that Containers dry out more quickly than ground plantings,  Since containers need to be watered more frequently, nutrients are likely to be leached from the containers faster.  As a result they may also require more frequent feeding.  

Keep Annuals well-fed and don't let them dry out between waterings,  Apply a liquid fertilizer oncea week or use a combination of liquid and slow-release fertilizers, following the rates recommended on the labels.


White Container Garden


A garden of white can be enjoyed throughout the daylight hours and adds a unique charm at night.


Herb Garden Container


Don’t ignore edibles when selecting your planting materials. Different varieties have beautiful color and texture. 


Repeat Garden Container

Repeat Plants

Repeat plants in containers and flowerbeds. They will appear to spill out into the flowerbeds for a lush, fluid look.


Elevated Garden Container


Elevate your containers for impact.


Cascading Container Garden


No Need for a pretty pot when the plants spilling over it are the focal point.


Texture Container Garden


Foliage texture can add as much excitement as color so don't shy away from using plants with lots of texture and little color.


Vertical Container by Les Belles Fleurs with Power Flowers


Hang Vertical Containers against your house or fence for extra outside color.


Tropical Container Garden


Plant a Canna in the middle of your planter for a Tropical focal point.  Then plant lots of other bright blooming plants around it.


Warm Container Garden Orange You Glad

Warm it up

Warm colors (orange, yellow, red) are attention grabbers and can help give large spaces a more intimate feel.


Cool it down Garden Container Purple Passion

Cool it Down

Cool colors (blue, purple, green) are more likely to relax a viewer and can make small spaces appear larger.


Perennial Container Garden


Use perennials for a pretty container now and then transfer them into the ground at the end of the season.  Then enjoy them again next season!


Repurposed Garden Container

Repurposed Pallet Garden


Repurpose items such as crates and pallets for garden use.  The ideas are endless!


Shade Container Garden


Brighten up a shady spot with a Shade loving Container Garden.


Contrast Container Garden


Dark colors mixed with Bright colors are always pleasing to the eye.