Amazing 8 Containers

Posted on 05/20/2015

Our black eight inch containers make pretty little accent containers on the porch or patio.  They are also perfect for transplanting into larger containers if you want lush, full pots instantly!  They’re so versatile, that they truly are Amazing!!

Amazing 8 inch Garden Container with Pansies and Dusty Miller

'Berry Cute' features Berries n' Cream Pansies and Dusty Miller.


Garden Container Amazing 8 with trailing berry petunias, white alyssum and artemsia

'Berry-fume' features Trailing berry colored pansies, white alyssum and artemsia.


Blueberry Swirl Amazing 8 Container Garden

'Blueberry Swirl' features Blueberry Swirl Pansies, white Snapdragons and trailing yellow Snapdragons.


Pericallis Spring Touch Burgundy Bicolor Amazing 8 Container Garden

Pericallis Spring Touch Bicolor Burgundy - bright and beautiful!


Garden Container Amazing 8 with Petunia Potunia Purple Halo

Petunia Potunia Purple Halo - no two blooms are exactly alike!


Container Garden Amazing 8 with Petunia Ray Salmon

Petunia Ray Salmon  - very Tropical!


Garden Container Amazing 8 inch with Petunia Supertunia Black Cherry

Petunia Supertunia Black Cherry - Mouth watering!


Garden Container Amazing 8 Razzy with Raspberry frizzle pansies, plumblossom snapdragons and white alyssum

'Razzy' - features Raspberry Frizzle Pansies, Plumblossom Snapdragons and white alyssum.


Container Garden Amazing 8 inch with red Geraniums and white Alyssum

'Sangria' - Sunstar Red Geraniums and white Alyssum.


Container Garden in Amazing 8 inch size with Pink Batik Geraniums and lemon Alyssum

'Sweet Survivor' - Survivor Pink Batik Geranium and lemon Alyssum.