Power Flowers

We have been growing crops in Colorado in the same location since 1889! Power Flowers are selected for their beauty and performance in our unique Rocky Mountain Region. We use state of the art equipment and methods while continually researching and improving new growing techniques with the ultimate goal of bringing you the finest quality bedding plant material in the market for your garden. 

Our plants are grown to be durable, strong and well-rooted thus Powerful! Our larger root ball gives plants a quicker start with less transplant shock and better display in the landscape or containers.

Our superior collection of annuals, perennials, herbs, ornamental grasses and hanging baskets are chosen by Colorado’s finest purveyors of plants.   Use the Store Locator button on the left to find your nearest Power Flowers distributor or ask for them through your Professional Landscaper or Gardener.

Colorado Proud


We're growing some pretty 'Power'ful Flowers!

"I thought these Cool Wave grown by Center Greenhouse (wholesaler of Power Flowers) that were for sale at Ace Hardware were some of the best I have seen." 


Wayne R. Pianta

Product Representative

PanAmerican/Kieft Pro-Seeds

Cool Wave Pansy Mix grown by Power Flowers